Five Jazz Events in Europe Every Jazz Fan Needs to Know About

Anyone who enjoys jazz knows that it isn’t just a music genre, it’s an experience. If you want to truly listen to jazz, you have to immerse yourself within it. That is why there are so many fantastic jazz events all over the globe. You might think that festival season comes and goes with summer, but you’d be quite mistaken! Here are five jazz events every jazz fan needs to know about…

Montreux Jazz Festival

There are lots of jazz festivals that have made a name for themselves over the years but none quite like Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. Set with the most incredible backdrop of Lake Geneva and the Alps, this two-week event in spring has featured some of Jazz’s greats over the years and, in more recent years, many up and coming young jazz artists such as Gregory Porter and Jorja Smith.

Love Supreme Jazz Festival

Enjoy music, food, fairground rides, the whole experience at Love Supreme Jazz Festival. Set in the countryside of the UK, it features three days of jazz, hip hop and soul artists. This year’s line up in July included Gladys Knight, Kamaal Williams and more.

Jazz à Vienne

Jazz à Vienne is a festival like no other. The picturesque outdoor setting takes place in a Roman-built 7000 seat amphitheatre as its main stage. When was the last time you could say you enjoyed music in a setting like that? Their most recent line-up included Chrisophe Chassol and Brecht Evens and Bobby McFerrin.

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam

This festival celebrates jazz from all over the world, featuring artists from Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden as well as America and France. Set in the Netherlands, in October, this weekend event will boast traditional jazz orchestras and new bands and artists making waves in the genre.

London Jazz Festival

Set in our hometown, London, the London Jazz Festival takes place in November, proving that you don’t need summer to have a good time! This autumn jazz event spans Friday to Saturday and is well attended by Londoners and people all over Europe. Supported by radios, orchestras and even the Mayor of London, it brings people together from all over the world to appreciate a diverse line up of jazz musicians and has recently added a series of shows and discussions at a range of venues from Cadogan Hall to the Royal Festival Hall.

So, where will jazz take you this season?

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